Have a safe trip

I’m still awake and looking for reviews of zit cream when I remember that my sister will go back to Macau this afternoon. We still have a few hours to bond before we send her to the airport. She will surely miss our mother and her four kids. She made a lot of requests regarding her kids’ welfare. She requests me to enrol her eldest to the same school where my kids go to; buy her daughter a set of uniform, a pair of black shoes and school supplies. I promised to take care of some needs of her kids, including doing the grocery for them. Our mother will not be able to go to the bank to claim her monthly SS pension, so I will be the one to do the bank visit for her. I hope to keep up to my promise while also attending to my own family. (Will I still have time left to maintain my blogs and write opportunities? Oh no!)

Have a safe trip, sis! I will miss you. 🙂

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