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Funktional styles from Flight Clothing Boutique are a must for my lifestyle and I’m sure many others as well. I enjoyed visiting the site and what a lovely surprise to find that my ideal of functional clothing was set out for me with so many wonderful styles of clothing to select. I was in shopper’s heaven in viewing the outfits and accessories. The store offers styles that define functional in a way that fits me to a tee.

I am a person who strives to be comfortable but I like something unique with a funky touch to it. I love to have accessories that will make my outfit say you are styling but also comfortable. With the summer come fun and funky outfits. This site offers styles that I like from the racer back tank dresses that say I am so comfortable but styling to the Azure Lace Dress that says this is comfort at its cutest.

Are you ready for the beach? If you are the best selection to wear would be the Wildfox Sparkle Heart V-Neck Baggy Beach Jumper or the Wildfox Gold Sparkle Heart Baggy Beach Jumper. You will Heart the selections! Even if you are not ready for the beach they are perfect for a summer day whether you are going to the movies, a picnic or park. You will be comfortable and stylish in the Baggy Beach jumpers.

Great shoes are a must for any great wardrobe. The site offers great styles from sandals to boots. The DV by Dolce Vita Phoenix Heels are a must have. Adding the Phoenix Heels to your wardrobe would be a great asset because you could rock those with dresses or pants. They are very unique in appearance.

Jackets can be great for all seasons. It has not left us out with many great choices that are funky and unique to select from. Fur, Sequin, Zippers and Leather are among the choices. You name it they have it! Rocker chic meets Army Geek is a treasure to seek.

We can’t forget about the denim selections. Do you like jeans that fit or perhaps you are a skinny jean type? Well you can select from the skinny to the Genetic Lost Boy Jeans. The Skinny jeans offered come in a variety of colors and styles. There is something for everyone. Are you having a lazy day? Check out the Black Orchid Panama jeans they come in a sunshine color that will brighten anyone’s day. Flight Clothing Boutique offers Keepsake clothing that are so beautiful that you will keep it in your closet forever.

Flirty skirts are quite an eye catcher. Colorful, short and long are the various assortments offered by The Boutique. Joie Saphrina Scallop Hem Beaded Skirt offers elegance and style. The site pairs it up with perfect top and shoes. This is my favorite assemble that is offered on the site.

My favorite accessory from the site is the Cashmere Headband. If that does not say functional, I do not know what does. I absolutely must have that accessory. The model that is wearing it has long hair but you can definitely rock this headband with any length of hair.

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