My Journey to Better Health (Week 2): Weight-loss effort pays off

After learning that I’m way too heavy for my height (full story here), I’ve made a decision to change my lifestyle for the better. I start to eat less by cutting down the serving size and follow an exercise regimen.

So, how was the first week of the weight loss challenge worked for me?

Following the recommendations made by Dr. Diana Lodriguito, the nutritionist who took by BMI test, is a painful task at first. I maintain a sedentary lifestyle for the longest time so exercising is like a punishment that I have to endure everyday.

But seeing the benefits of exercise to my body now, I don’t think I will do it in any other way. My body is beginning to love the exercise routine and I’m happy that it’s paying off. I already lost two pounds (but have to check other weighing scale to verify the result).

I’m doing the 4-minute metafit work-out since last week. (Thankful that a dear friend even made a video for me.)

Food moderation is an important factor to lose weight. I watch what I eat now. For the past two weeks I have managed to eat two cups or less of rice a day, 1 cup for lunch and another cup for dinner.

I prepare the same food for the family, including their favorite Adobo, Sinigang, fried chicken and porkchop. I eat portions of everything so I don’t starve myself as it is not healthy.

I also eat snacks in between regular meals. It is advisable to take fruits – one piece or 1 slice for snack to make you active and alert in between breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Taking two sachets of  C-lium Fibre with coffee in the morning and before dinner lessens my cravings and makes me feel full. I feel lighter too and my tummy smaller I think.

Benefits of C-Lium in the body

  • C-lium Fibre works like a sponge in the digestive system as it absorbs things that aren’t healthy such as excess carbohydrates, fats, and sugars.

I’m taking two sachets everyday to ensure I get the adequate amount of daily fiber requirement. C-lium Fibre has up to 14 times more fiber than oatmeal and cereal.

  • C-Lium Fibre also helps regulate blood sugar levels and manage the body’s energy-producing carbs. The psyllium husk content of C-Lium slows down the passage of digested food through the digestive system, stalling the release of sugar into your bloodstream so your pancreas has more time to keep these blood sugar levels stable.

Although my blood sugar level and cholesterol are within the normal range, it is better to maintain them by taking C-Lium everyday.

  • Fiber is one of the most effective ways to lose weight without feeling deprived.

I can attest to C-Lium’s effectiveness. In just two weeks, I already lost two pounds.

Keeping up to lose more and live more

I know I have a long way to go to achieve my desired weight, but I’m slowly getting there and I’m not letting up.

I’d like to share my wonderful experience with C-Lium, I hope you do, too.

Check out their Facebook page to know more about C-Lium. If you are already up for the challenge log in and join The winner gets P10,000 in cash. For more updates, you can also follow their Twitter account

7 thoughts on “My Journey to Better Health (Week 2): Weight-loss effort pays off

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  3. Ning

    its great that its paying off sis, way to go. good for your that your taking two sachets, i’ll try to increase my intake of clium this week.

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