Family time at Fort Santiago


It’s been a while since the family visited a park. So, the Dad hastily encouraged (Dad finally agreed after hearing enough of my nagging hehe..) everyone to spend Saturday afternoon at Fort Santiago.

It was the first time for the kids to visit the historical site. Hubby served as our personal tourist guide explaining to the kids bits and pieces of what he knows about Dr. Jose Rizal. We’ve seen some clothes, artworks and personal effects of the national hero.

Jose Rizal is known for collecting new species of insects, for sure he might have collected coins (including gold eagle coins perhaps) during his travel abroad. Unfortunately, we haven’t seen any coins in the museum.

There was some kind of eerie feel while we were inside the Rizal Shrine remember that it was a “reconstruction of an old barracks where Dr. Rizal was confined during his trial for sedition”.

We observed that the park is well-maintained all these years. I think the park administration and employees are worthy of commendation for preserving the national shrine.

In all, we enjoyed the walk to the historical place. We had a great time bonding and learning a part of our history together.

We will surely go back there if there’s another opportunity.

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