Planning to revive my SSS and Philhealth contributions

One of my plans this year is to continue paying my SSS contribution. I will be paying as voluntary member since I’m not employed. I have yet to visit the nearest SSS office in our area to know more about the things I have to secure in order to continue my SSS contribution. My sister in law suggested that I pay the same amount when I was employed to receive a bigger retirement benefit. Paying a higher contribution fee (which I have yet to determine) is also beneficial when I apply for a loan. The higher contribution I pay the bigger loan I can avail. I’m also reviving my Philhealth contribution. This is important for me because we don’t have health insurance to depend on when emergency arises. I will also check if I can still afford to pay a monthly Pag-ibig contribution.

2 thoughts on “Planning to revive my SSS and Philhealth contributions

  1. Mylene

    Go Mommy! When I got separated from my previous company, I just continue paying my SSS and Philhealth. The SSS contribution is credited. I always checked it online. Yung sa Philhealth, hindi man ganun kalaki ung bawas sa hospital bills nakatulong pa rin.

    1. Yami Post author

      Thanks, sis. Malaking bagay talaga ang SSS at Philhealth. Kaya kahit sacrifice ang paghuhulog pipilitin ko talaga itong taon na ‘to.


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