Convenience of motorbike

Hubby got his motorbike three years ago as company’s payment for his unpaid vacation leaves. I was hesitant to have that motorbike at home because I don’t want hubby to drive it to work. You know how unsafe our public roads for motorbike drivers especially at night. He passes Commonwealth Avenue everyday. And you know that Commonwealth Avenue is accident prone especially for motorbike riders.


For a while, I allow hubby to drive the vehicle. But on his own, he decided not to bring the motorbike anymore because he thoughtit’s more convenient to ride a bus or Fx on his way home. Imagine he can sleep or relax listening to his mp3 while travelling. We useour motorbike these days as our service in going to the market and run errands. Just last summer, we used it to visit La Mesa Eco Park to save for transportation fare. Our motorbike has been a great help to us, but we haven’t applied for any insurance especially auto insurance for it.

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