When we were sick

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My husband really takes care of me when I’m sick especially now that I’m nursing a flu. 🙁  He bought medicine and other stuff to make me feel well. He does things for me like wash the dishes and clean portion of the house even if he is tired from work. And he is not complaining about it. He never let me feel alone when I don’t feel well. One night, I got drowsy after taking a pill and fell asleep on the sofa. The next morning, I woke up with a blanket wrapped around me. Hubby is such a sweet guy he stays with me the whole time. He was lying on the mattress just beside the couch where I slept… When he is not feeling well, which rarely happens, I also take care of him the same way that he makes me feel better. I let him rest until he feels well. 🙂

14 thoughts on “When we were sick

  1. Liz

    wow, ganon? sabagay, si hubby din ganyan, kapag ako ang me sakit, lagi dinadama ang aking forehead, saka ako bibigyan ng meds. Swerte natin noh? yung iba kaya, ganito rin ka sweet?

    1. Yami

      @Liz, feel ko marce yung sinasalat ang noo at leeg para malaman kung may lagnat. Swerte talaga marce! di na siguro ako makakatagpo ng ganun in another lifetime. same with you bait kaya ni Papa Rodney. Ang macho nila pero pagdating sa bahay nanay na tatay pa. 🙂

  2. AC

    ahaha!!! ang sagot sa tanong ni ate liz? HINDI! kase di ganyan hubby ko… aabutan lang ako biogesic, pero oks na ako dun, kesa naman ako, biogesic nalang iaabot, sya pa pinapakuha ko sya na nga may sakit… wahahaha!!! ang sweet sweet nyo naman mommy… kainggit!!!

    1. Yami Post author

      @AC, nakakatuwa ka naman, so it means mas caring hubby mo. minsan ganyan din ako, feeling ko mas caring asawa ko sa akin kesa ako sa kanya. kung nababasa lang ng mga asawa natin ang comments dito sisigaw ang mga ‘yun ng UNFAIR! hehehe


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