Did I end up with Mr. Right?

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I think I am! He is the same reserved but funny guy that I met from day one. He is not the mushy type but he knows how to make me feel special. He cares without you knowing it. No dull moments with him because he talks with sense and never a show off. He is responsible in every aspect of our married life. In times when I feel like giving up on a certain problem, he reassures that everything will be fine. He is a shoulder to cry on and understands my shortcomings….I could go on telling more good things about him…but for now it’s enough that he knows that I made the right and smart decision of marrying him 14 years ago.

6 thoughts on “Did I end up with Mr. Right?

  1. AC

    aww!!! 14 years??? woooow!!! Seeing that you’re as happy as the first few years I guess, just shows that you indeed ended up with mr. right.

  2. Liz

    wow naman! 14 years to date.. It’s so great to marry someone who can make you feel OK even when things don’t go right. someone who would tell you, he’s got your back and someone who would make you feel so special in every way. I am happy for you Marce, you are both lucky for finding each other..

    1. Yami Post author

      Thank you Marce Liz. Bihira na ang ganyan husband material ngayon, am just lucky I’ve found my other half. 🙂

  3. melcole

    wow, 14 years ago, congratulations to your marriage. You indeed marry M.Right 🙂

    BTW sis, will be adding your link to my list today and hope you can check it out. FF and grabbed your badge as well.


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