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Hearty meal




They love my spaghetti!

This is my first time to use penne rigate pasta for spaghetti. I got the pack with spaghetti sauce for only P99 or a little over $2. The two cans of tuna cost less than $1. It’s an easy cook meal actually. While waiting for the pasta to cook, sauté garlic and onion in a separate pan. Add in tuna flakes, simmer for a few minutes and then put in the sauce. My spaghetti is ready in less than 30 minutes.

I rarely served spaghetti for dinner. But the kids requested for it and who am I to turn down my angels? They were at the dining table even before the spaghetti is ready. They had a hearty meal. I wish I could resist the temptation of eating too, but the flesh is weak. lol. Oh, quick weight loss pills, where art thou? 😀

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GT: Grocery list

I have two separate shopping schedules every week. Saturday or Sunday is market day for me. I replenish raw stock including chicken, pork or beef meat, sea food, vegetables and other ingredients that would last for five days in the fridge. If I’m busy with an online/offline job and have no time to cook, I would open up canned goods or just run to our “suking carinderia” that sells sumptuous and affordable cooked meals everyday. They always save the day.



On the other hand, I do grocery shopping for hotdogs, bread, milk, etc on separate day usually on a Sunday afternoon. I get the usual stuff and as much as possible I stick within the week’s budget unless the kids went shopping with me. I follow the grocery shopping skeds if I’m not too busy, otherwise husband do the latter shopping sked for me.

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