He loves me no matter what

I used to be insecure of myself, but my husband has his way of making me feel important and loved. He is so supportive of everything I do even going out of his way to perform the tasks which I should be doing. There are times I get embarrassed because instead of me serving him while at home, he is the one who prepares the table for our family and wash the plates when I have so many online tasks to finish. He even do the laundry (and folds the clothes) and clean the house before he goes to work everyday. With what he does for me and our kids I know how loyal he is to me. But sometimes the little green monster creeps in me especially when I see him admire slimmer and younger women. Ok, I admit I still feel jealous and insecure sometimes. But even if I don’t push myself to lose fat or try any proven weight loss product, I still feel loved by him period. 🙂


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