Tattooed Tees

Tattoos are more than just ink on skin, they can tell stories of a certain pivotal point in your life, pay a tribute to a family member, or even be random and funny. Regardless of what your unique ink may stand for, everyone who has a tattoo or just loves the artwork can appreciate the meaning behind a certain piece, even if it isn’t a serious one it can still tell a small story about the wearer or artist and provide an infinitely unique individual style in the process. Tattoos are a form of art that gives the wearer the greatest and longest lasting form of individual expression that can tell a lot about a person. So why not take this art, this free expression, and put it on some well-made tattoo t shirts? Yes, tattoos printed onto a shirt that will really get people’s attention.

Ink Addict Tattoo Lifestyle brand t shirts are very special, quality shirts that are designed by tattoo artists for tattooed and the tattoo enthusiast. Blending a genius mix of style, fashion, creativity and individuality, these unique tattoo shirts will help to showcase the burning passion of that individual spirit which dwells inside the hearts of the tattoo loving people. The coolest thing about the killer tattoo shirts that the team at Ink Addict puts all of their effort into making with the best quality standards when it comes to clothing, is the ability of the customer to customize their shirts with anything they want, even some of their own tattoo work which really works to set these makers of great shirts apart from the crowd of new and competitive clothing companies. These eye catching threads are sure to get you noticed by others who share your love for art, individuality, expression, music and well, tattoos.

Those of us who love to sport tattoos have long been discriminated against and are looked at by many as criminals or in some cases subhuman, and one thing these tattoo shirts can do is show the world that they shouldn’t pass judgment on a person just because they like to decorate their bodies with beautiful art by advertising the artwork of real tattoo artists on a shirt that may be worn by someone who doesn’t even have a single tattoo. If you have some yourself or just love tattoos, then join the Ink Addict nation and rock your own unique tattoo shirt.

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