Fit more fiber into your life

In spite of changing diet trends, people still go back to one thing that has always been known to be a safe and natural way to stay healthy – fiber. Classified as an indigestible carbohydrate that packs far less calories, fiber is highly regarded by doctors for its cleansing properties and amazing health benefits.

But how much do you know about fiber? And more importantly, how much fiber do you need in your diet? C-Lium, a trusted name in fiber supplementation from Pascual Consumer Healthcare Corp., shares these interesting facts about this essential nutrient and how it helps in preventive healthcare.

• Soluble and Insoluble Fiber. Fiber is classified into soluble and insoluble. While both are good for the body, each has a unique function and provides a different set of health benefits. Insoluble fiber stimulates bowel movement in the digestive tract by boosting your stool bulk. Wheat-based food, nuts, bran seeds and skin of some fruits and vegetables are great sources of insoluble fiber. Meanwhile, Soluble fiber forms a gel-like substance when mixed with water. Many foods contain soluble fiber like oats, soybeans, peas, bananas, apples, certain vegetables and psyllium in C-Lium Fibre. A tablespoon (5 grams) of C-Lium Fibre packs up to 14 times more fiber than oatmeal or cereal. It swells fifty times its size when mixed with liquid (i.e. water, juice, etc.), is gluten-free and contains zero additives and preservatives. Because C-Lium Fibre is 100% plant material-based, it doesn’t have any serious side effects to the body.

• The Fiber Man. In the 70s, an Irish doctor and researcher, Denis Burkitt, made a major contribution to medical science when he and his colleagues published a paper which concluded that fiber can prevent certain diseases like heart attack, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, blood clots, varicose veins, gallstones, hemorrhoids and even colon cancer. Dr. Burkitt would later be known as “The Fiber Man.”

• Fiber Activity. Aside from keeping blood sugar levels under control and lowering the risk of coronary heart disease, fiber is a natural fat absorber that may aid in weight management. Soluble fiber like C-Lium causes a feeling of fullness, thus reducing hunger pangs and food intake.

• Diet rich in fiber. Foods, when processed, undergo change including its fiber content. Thus it is highly recommended to go for unprocessed food to get the maximum fiber benefit. For instance, opt for a whole apple with peel on instead of apple sauce or apple juice, which contains 3.7 grams of fiber compared to 1.5 grams of fiber for a half cup of apple sauce. If you’re not taking enough fiber, you can always augment your daily fiber needs with supplements like C-Lium. The Philippine Department of Science and Technology – Food and Nutrition Research Institute recommends the intake of 20-25 grams of fiber each day, while the American Diatetic Association recommends about 20- 35 grams for healthy adults. Take a tablespoon or 5 capsules twice-a-day of C-Lium Fibre daily to help promote regular digestive activity, maintain good cholesterol and regulate the body’s blood sugar.

With today’s dizzying array of food choices, one can easily get lost in a world where health takes a back seat. That is why it is important to have food supplements that can prevent certain illnesses yet are still within easy reach like C-Lium Fibre. Available in two formats, husk and capsules, C-Lium Fibre is easy to drink and can be taken with your favourite food and drinks.


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