The Only Wet Weather Jacket!

Since 1926, the people at Grundens have been making specialized rain gear for customers that have to work out in the weather. They have proven that they produce the best quality in the industry. They test the products in the field as well as in the lab to ensure the construction, and quality meets the values set by Carl Grunden. They have been making these jackets for not just fishing, but timber harvests, shipyards, utilities, construction both road and building and forestry industries.

When you are in need of quality foul weather jackets, you will be able to get just that with Grunden. They produce just what you need in many different styles, including pullover, hooded with drawstrings, some with the built-in neoprene cuffs, lined and even parkas. They produce sizes that will fit anyone from kids to adults at a variety of prices that are very affordable. Many of the hoods are able to be rolled up into the neck when not needed.

These jackets are waterproof and made to be durable and repel the toughest of the driving rain. They start with a base material of cotton twill, and then it is coated with a PVC coating that not only keeps out the wet, but helps to keep out the cold temperatures also. The hood is adjustable and has a draw cord that is easy to get too, along with a concord for the waist to keep you warmer. There are pockets that will help to keep your hands warm and full zipper with a strong flap for extra protection against the weather.

There has been some new technology that has been used to make these jackets even more resistant to not just water but also to oil, stains, and dirt. They are made of a combination of laminated polyurethane and a knitted fleece, making them stretchy and waterproof as well as warm. They have neck gusset and neoprene cuffs that fit snuggly. All the jackets can be easily rolled up for storage in small places. There is a nice color selection available not just the usual drab yellow.

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