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Pimply me

I have not given much attention to my face lately! My pimples are bothering me now because they are big and itchy like a sore on my face. I really hate the feeling. I’ve been using anti-bacterial facial scrub and water to remove dirt and oil off my face every morning, when I take a bath and before I retire at night. But it doesn’t seem to work.


What will I do with these pimples? I heard about tea tree oil for acne but I can’t just apply anything on my face without seeing a dermatologist. Problem is it’s quite expensive to visit a derma clinic. Money is hard to come by nowadays…hmm.

Staring blankly at the computer

I am now. Do you know how it feels when you lack enough sleep? You feel light and you can’t even think reasonably. I got used to this kind of feeling for sometime now. I have no choice but to stay up late to finish opportunities (I’m thankful though because it means additional income for my family). Eyebags and bloodshot eyes and pimples are my best friends now. They won’t leave me and it seems they are staying (on my face) for good. I tried applying acne cream before, but I notice that the more I treat my pimples, the bigger they get. Lol.

Brutally honest

My only sister was shocked to see me like this (big). Instead of giving me a hug after nine months of not seeing each other, she teased me, “Sis, what did you do to make you grow that big?” I didn’t get offended because I know where she’s coming from.

pimplesShe’s also quite concerned about my unusually big pimples. She suggested having my acne treated by a dermatologist. But I said I don’t have enough resources to pay for the services of a skin expert. Besides even if I have the money now, visiting a derma clinic is not in my priority list. What I can afford right now is a cost-effective treatment for adult acne. I know there are a lot of over-the-counter remedies for acne, but I don’t bother to check on one. What I’m using right now is an anti-bacterial facial wash to clean the dirt and oil off my face. That’s just it. But if you can recommend anything to treat my acne using natural ingredients, I would love to hear about it.