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Staring blankly at the computer

I am now. Do you know how it feels when you lack enough sleep? You feel light and you can’t even think reasonably. I got used to this kind of feeling for sometime now. I have no choice but to stay up late to finish opportunities (I’m thankful though because it means additional income for my family). Eyebags and bloodshot eyes and pimples are my best friends now. They won’t leave me and it seems they are staying (on my face) for good. I tried applying acne cream before, but I notice that the more I treat my pimples, the bigger they get. Lol.

Bloodshot eyes

I have one. I got this eye allergy through lack of sleep and spending too much time in front of the computer.
I’m studying the program manual and familiarizing myself with the different terms and application for the translation job. I’m still half-way through the manual, but my eyes were already puffy and red.


I’ve read that tired eyes can cause enlarged, dilated blood vessels in the conjunctivas or the white of the eyes. Allergies of exposure to an irritant like smoke can also cause redness. Red eyes can also indicate a systemic problem, such as an autoimmune disease.

What to do:

  • Take frequent breaks if you are working at the computer for a long period.
  • Close your eyes for one minute to rewet them and reduce the evaporation of tears before resuming work.
  • You can use lubricant to lubricate your eyes and flush out irritants.
  • Do not overused redness-reducing drops for they might worsen redness.

I don’t know what I would do if not for my ever supportive hubby who patiently explains technical words to me like when I ask him about web hosting a few months ago. Wonder why I mentioned web hosting here? I need to make a web hosting reviews before my eyes becomes irritated again. Ouch!

Sleep deprived

cushionI haven’t had a decent sleep for two days because I’m trying to finish writing opportunities before I get really busy this coming week. If I have more time I will try to write scheduled post for all the memes that I have joined. I’m sleepy right now and the only thing that I’m looking forward to after posting this one is to lie down on the bed or sofa to catch some sleep. I’m still awake but I’m imagining myself lying on outdoor cushions where I can stretch my tired and aching legs. It would be nice if we have a patio to place a comfortable cushion where I can also blog after taking a nap.

Lack of sleep is unhealthy, I know. It is the culprit why I gain so much weight and decrease my resistance to common illness like flu.

I hope to visit my friends’ and the Marces blogs this afternoon. See you in a while.