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Busy days are here again

I will do it again! No, not to lose weight or any attempt to take weight loss supplements. Not at this time because I may need the extra energy in the coming days. The project that kept hubby and me busy for almost two months is back for corrections. Although I knew its coming, but the thought of sleepless nights is haunting me again. Yikes! I got an email from our friend informing us that the project manager will send the file tomorrow. They just run a tool to find out if we have used the localized terms appropriately. No new deadline has been set for the submission, but the project manager is also expected to turn over the project to the company that commissioned them soon. So I guess our deadline will be tight as well. T.T

Opening of classes

A few hours from now, 24 million students nationwide will flock to their respective schools to mark the opening of classes this year. Welcome school year 2010 – 2011! Welcome students and teachers! Welcome new and exciting challenges!

Are you ready yet?

Have you prepared all your kids’ school supplies, uniforms and snacks? Make sure they sleep early tonight to avoid being late on the first day of school.

In my case, I can’t promise to sleep early tonight and the succeeding nights you probably know why. I still have three more weeks to stay up late…I’m looking forward to June 27!