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Periodic expenses

My husband and I were discussing so many things early today including the bills to be settled this week. All the other things which are supposed to occur this week including room repair and dentist visit might be postponed (again) for another week due to insufficient fund. The kids need tooth filling and cleaning. I told hubby we should prioritize dental care to save our kids’ teeth from bad tooth decay. I know we are expecting to spend more than a thousand for the dental procedure. In times like this, hubby and I realized the importance of health insurance and savings for our family. It would have been easier for us to pay for medical and dental care. Plus we have pets to look after now as our cat (Cordelia) just gave birth to four kittens. An extra amount is needed to buy vitamins and food for the pets.

Orchid plant



I’m not quite sure what type or variety of orchid plant this one belongs  (or if this is really an orchid). But I’m glad the plant manages to stay alive despite being unattended to. It depends on rainwater to survive and bear lovely flowers.

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