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Say goodbye to painful foot blister and win a bag!

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of goviral. All opinions are 100% mine.

Most people are completely absorbed watching the FIFA World Cup on TV just like what my husband does every night or when the local channel airs the scheduled game. There are times that I want to leave the blasted living room and run like the lady in the video. I’m just joking. How can I possibly run like her while wearing high heel sandals without sustaining a blister or two? Walking for a brief period inside the mall in my flat shoes can already give me blisters on my toe or my heel and running using the same pair of shoes would be a nightmare!

So the lady’s secret for running endlessly lies on Compeed Blister Patches that act like a second layer of skin that protects the skin from developing blisters. And when foot blisters already exists, the patches immediately soothe and heal the wound faster. You will no longer need ice bucket to sooth the blister.

Aside from their interesting product, Compeed is also giving away a designer handbag, top of the range phones, shopping vouchers, must have make-up, foot health treatment and so much more. All you have to do is visit their website, click on play to login and register. You’ll know right away if you won a bag. Too bad, I didn’t win, but I had fun playing the game. Visit their site through the links provided in my post to join. I’m sure you’ll be as excited and might run unstoppable like the lady in the video  once you win any of the designer handbags. Good luck! 😀


We are the reason

I’m looking for a Father’s Day-themed video and found this…I actually love this song. We used to sing this at the Christian Congregation I used to attend to when I was younger. It is supposed to be a Christmas song performed by Gary Valenciano. The Handsong, on the other hand, was performed  by the teens and the children of San Pedro Evangelical Church in Antique Philippines, under the direction of Benedicto Española…Listen to the song and be inspired. This is the best Father’s Day song for me. Happy Father’s Day to all!

A good dresser


Online shopping mode. I’m looking for tuxedo shirt this time. We had our last shopping date at Ukay-Ukay or shop for pre-owned clothing last year. It was where we bought hubby’s cotton shirts and polo shirts and my capri pants that looked brand new. Hubby is not particular with the kind of shirt he is wearing to the office. But sometimes, he needs to dress up a little for the management meeting. He looks good on long sleeves so I’m looking for a couple of designs that will fit his size.

Certified diamonds

When I was still working, I met this lady, a public relation officer in a government agency. The amiable woman has a large collection of customized jewellery. She goes to work sporting a different set of earrings, bracelet and necklace every day. But she only wears them while inside the office premises for fear of getting robbed outside. She easily discerns certified diamonds from the fake ones. She knows the carat of gold jewelry by merely touching it. Isn’t she amazing!

Last phase of the project

We just submitted the 2nd batch of the project to our contact yesterday. I’m the last one who submitted my file to think that the file assigned to hubby was twice bigger than mine. Sigh. There’s just one word to it, procrastination. I can’t focus on my job without opening my email, or peek at my own blogs. I’m maintaining four blogs now. Sometimes, I still try to visit paid post sites to see if I have any offers. I’m so easily distracted with a lot of things going in the Internet. Right now, I’m looking at the site where they feature barcode scanners. See, it has nothing to do with what I’m writing about but I landed on the site while looking for a gadget (will tell you about it next time).

I received the third and last batch of the project yesterday and I’m working on it right now. Like the previous batches, we were only given 20 days to complete it and submit. I know that project doesn’t end there, we are expecting that the files will be returned to us for possible correction. So on our end, we really have to make good and commit minimal mistake as possible. I really need to focus now.