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Tips for Caring for Your Horse in Winter

From wearing extra layers to shoveling your driveway, winter can bring many changes and effect our daily routines. This can be true not only for you, but also for your outdoor animals as well. Here are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to caring for your horse in the wintertime. 

Keep Cozy and Warm

One important part of making sure that your horse is properly cared for in the winter is making sure that they have what they need to keep warm, and this can involve not only making sure they have cheap equestrian clothing but also sufficient shelter as well. While some horses may be acclimated to cold outdoor temperatures, for others having shelter from wind and cold could make a big difference in their overall health.

Feeding Changes

Because of the cold, horses often need to eat more food to sustain themselves. When the weather starts changing, making sure that your horse has plenty of food can be key. Additionally, horses often need to drink more water in the winter as well, and providing them with warm water, between 45 and 65 degrees Fahrenheit may be the best option. 

Give an Overall Health Check

The extra cold has potential to be stressful on your horse’s system. Because of this, making sure that they are in good health before winter comes can be an important part of making sure that they do well throughout the cold months. Often, if your horse is already in good health you may not need to do too much, and simply checking on them a little more than you would normally may go a long way.

The Takeaway

The colder months can bring many changes, not only for you, but for your outdoor animals as well.

Horses may need extra care during the winter, but some simple provisions like plenty of food, water, and shelter may go a long way toward ensuring they have a comfortable winter season. 

Periodic expenses

My husband and I were discussing so many things early today including the bills to be settled this week. All the other things which are supposed to occur this week including room repair and dentist visit might be postponed (again) for another week due to insufficient fund. The kids need tooth filling and cleaning. I told hubby we should prioritize dental care to save our kids’ teeth from bad tooth decay. I know we are expecting to spend more than a thousand for the dental procedure. In times like this, hubby and I realized the importance of health insurance and savings for our family. It would have been easier for us to pay for medical and dental care. Plus we have pets to look after now as our cat (Cordelia) just gave birth to four kittens. An extra amount is needed to buy vitamins and food for the pets.

Green Living Monday: Pet care


Oreo’s vaccination certificate

We brought our dog Oreo at the veterinary clinic last December. It was his first and hopefully not the last. We had him vaccinated for rabies and two more shots for distemper and leptospira. He was also given some vitamins. I think the Vet also gave our dog deworming pill and anti-flea and anti-tick medication which was applied on the dog’s hair.  We’re supposed to bring Oreo back to the vet clinic for some booster shots, but we failed to do so for lack of funds.

Our pets deserve the best care that we can give them. They are part of our family so it is important to keep them happy and healthy.