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Busy days are here again

I will do it again! No, not to lose weight or any attempt to take weight loss supplements. Not at this time because I may need the extra energy in the coming days. The project that kept hubby and me busy for almost two months is back for corrections. Although I knew its coming, but the thought of sleepless nights is haunting me again. Yikes! I got an email from our friend informing us that the project manager will send the file tomorrow. They just run a tool to find out if we have used the localized terms appropriately. No new deadline has been set for the submission, but the project manager is also expected to turn over the project to the company that commissioned them soon. So I guess our deadline will be tight as well. T.T

Last phase of the project

We just submitted the 2nd batch of the project to our contact yesterday. I’m the last one who submitted my file to think that the file assigned to hubby was twice bigger than mine. Sigh. There’s just one word to it, procrastination. I can’t focus on my job without opening my email, or peek at my own blogs. I’m maintaining four blogs now. Sometimes, I still try to visit paid post sites to see if I have any offers. I’m so easily distracted with a lot of things going in the Internet. Right now, I’m looking at the site where they feature barcode scanners. See, it has nothing to do with what I’m writing about but I landed on the site while looking for a gadget (will tell you about it next time).

I received the third and last batch of the project yesterday and I’m working on it right now. Like the previous batches, we were only given 20 days to complete it and submit. I know that project doesn’t end there, we are expecting that the files will be returned to us for possible correction. So on our end, we really have to make good and commit minimal mistake as possible. I really need to focus now.


I’m having a hard time localizing English technical terms to Tagalog (our popular spoken language in the Philippines). How fast can you translate the phrase, project management software? If you are an IT (information technology) expert, it would be easy for you to localize that phrase otherwise you’ll be staring blankly at the computer monitor like me. lol How about this one? The boot configuration data was corrupt. It isn’t easy right? Imagine me localizing that sentence and at least 30,000 more terms in similar category. I’m beginning to feel dizzy! 🙁