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Sleep deprived

cushionI haven’t had a decent sleep for two days because I’m trying to finish writing opportunities before I get really busy this coming week. If I have more time I will try to write scheduled post for all the memes that I have joined. I’m sleepy right now and the only thing that I’m looking forward to after posting this one is to lie down on the bed or sofa to catch some sleep. I’m still awake but I’m imagining myself lying on outdoor cushions where I can stretch my tired and aching legs. It would be nice if we have a patio to place a comfortable cushion where I can also blog after taking a nap.

Lack of sleep is unhealthy, I know. It is the culprit why I gain so much weight and decrease my resistance to common illness like flu.

I hope to visit my friends’ and the Marces blogs this afternoon. See you in a while.