Staring blankly at the computer

I am now. Do you know how it feels when you lack enough sleep? You feel light and you can’t even think reasonably. I got used to this kind of feeling for sometime now. I have no choice but to stay up late to finish opportunities (I’m thankful though because it means additional income for my family). Eyebags and bloodshot eyes and pimples are my best friends now. They won’t leave me and it seems they are staying (on my face) for good. I tried applying acne cream before, but I notice that the more I treat my pimples, the bigger they get. Lol.

2 thoughts on “Staring blankly at the computer

    1. Yami Post author

      Lam mo marce parang kulang ang 24 hours sa akin. ano ba yan? di pa kasama ang blog hop dun. hehehe! mishu 2! kelan kaya ulit tayo magkikita-kita! haist


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