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Brutally honest

My only sister was shocked to see me like this (big). Instead of giving me a hug after nine months of not seeing each other, she teased me, “Sis, what did you do to make you grow that big?” I didn’t get offended because I know where she’s coming from.

pimplesShe’s also quite concerned about my unusually big pimples. She suggested having my acne treated by a dermatologist. But I said I don’t have enough resources to pay for the services of a skin expert. Besides even if I have the money now, visiting a derma clinic is not in my priority list. What I can afford right now is a cost-effective treatment for adult acne. I know there are a lot of over-the-counter remedies for acne, but I don’t bother to check on one. What I’m using right now is an anti-bacterial facial wash to clean the dirt and oil off my face. That’s just it. But if you can recommend anything to treat my acne using natural ingredients, I would love to hear about it.