Pimply me

I have not given much attention to my face lately! My pimples are bothering me now because they are big and itchy like a sore on my face. I really hate the feeling. I’ve been using anti-bacterial facial scrub and water to remove dirt and oil off my face every morning, when I take a bath and before I retire at night. But it doesn’t seem to work.


What will I do with these pimples? I heard about tea tree oil for acne but I can’t just apply anything on my face without seeing a dermatologist. Problem is it’s quite expensive to visit a derma clinic. Money is hard to come by nowadays…hmm.

8 thoughts on “Pimply me

  1. Elvira's Roundabout

    you should not use facial scrub when you have pimples, your facial wash should not have those beads or those kind of things.
    i use neutrogena deep clean facial wash to remove oil, and then a toner from L’oreal, the one with isobacter, it dries the pimple fast as long as you don’t touch it with your fingers.

  2. imriz

    same here…maybe because of the “puyats” and the stress, and the loneliness i’ve suffered lately, my face got drier and more breakouts were untolerable:)

    1. Yami Post author

      yes sis lack of sleep at stress kalaban natin at ang supling nila ay pimples at eye bags…as for the cause of your loneliness, i hope you’ll feel better soon…


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