The movie(s) in my mind

For my girl pals who haven’t watched Bridget Jones’s Diary and its sequel Bridget Jones’s Diary – The Edge of Reason -  I suggest you reserve  a copy of both romantic comedy films. I’m telling you both movies left a smile on my face. There are facets in Bridget’s life that are somewhat similar to my personal life before I got married. Well, you can exclude the part where Bridget indulges in alcohol and smoking when she got depressed over love.


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7 thoughts on “The movie(s) in my mind

  1. K

    i super lurve renee and doubly loved the first movie. i realized i haven’t seen the second one yet, so adding it to my list now 🙂

    thanks for sharing your movie thoughts! see ya later 😉

  2. K

    nga pala, salamat. salamat tlga ng marami for the über pink camera na pinagdonate-an nyo for me. touched ako sobra. salamat marce *hugs*

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