A fun day out with friends


I haven’t gone out with friends in a while so when I saw these amazing women after nearly two years I can’t help but be teary-eyed. It was tears of joy, just happy to see my friends.

The meet-up was not just a simple get-together but a sweet birthday treat for me. They treated me to a delish lunch. I also got this Pantene gift box with a surprise birthday card from my inaanak and GCs (I’m checking if guitars from jackson can be purchased with it) from her equally thoughtful mom. One of them gave each one of us this creative calendar with the photos of our respective family members.

The birthday treat didn’t end there. While we accompany one of our kumares in the salon for a hair fix, they also treated me to a hair makeover. What I’ve got is a new hairstyle that shed years off my age and it also brought an illusion of a bit smaller face. Haha. But I loved it!

Thank you my friends for that wonderful and magical (for the hair transformation LOL) afternoon. I had a great time bonding with you. I hope to see you again soon. Love y’all!

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