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Does it pay to be honest? Of course. Syempre walang gulo, maayos ang takbo ng relastionship niyo.

I’m honest, meaning I speak my mind when it concerns family matters;  when I don’t like the attitude of certain people (I tell him even those things); when it concerns money matters (walang kupitan, that’s bad, bad, bad); during our intimate moments (no details please, hehe); to the most trivial – hubby’s outfit for the day. But in fairness, magandang magdala ng damit ang jowa ko. 😀

I could go on and on telling you instances in my life or my married life when I ‘exercise’ honesty. Ang hirap mag-recall eh. But for now, ito lang muna ang maishi-share ko. The enty is kind of late…if you have been intrigued by this topic, why don’t try reading the entries of more brave women here. Happy weekend everyone!

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