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Couple’s Corner: A good son

This is a repost. My husband has not seen his parents for a long time, but he sees to it that he calls them on special occasions. He shares to our kids how his Tatay and *Nanay as parents and how well they taught each one of the eight kids the values of Christian living. They were poor in material possession, but never in spirit. They read the bible as a family and goes to church regularly. My husband even joined and won a Bible Exposition at age 10. No wonder hubby grew up to be a good person. As a dad, hubby is not a strict one. Sometimes he has the tendency to spoil the children. Nevertheless, he sets a good example to our kids by being a responsible person, Dad and husband to me.

*My mother-in-law passed away last year due to a lingering illness.

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CC: Petty Quarrels

Argument or disagreement over petty things is common among married couples. They say that petty quarrels are like spice that makes a married life healthy and interesting. Hubby and I don’t fight often, but if we do it’s usually my fault. The culprit is jealousy. Hubby doesn’t really give me something to be jealous about. It’s just me and the work of my jealous mind. I’m just thankful that my husband understands my shortcomings all the time.

My share for Couple’s Corner
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CC: Yes dear, No dear

It’s been a while since my last entry for Couples Corner. For this week I’ll try to make a single post for two consecutive themes that I’ve missed. Here goes.

I say no-dear sometime, but when hubby has explained all that we (our family) can benefit from a long term or short term plan or a certain situation I don’t hesitate to support him and gave him my sweetest approval.

On the other hand, hubby is the sweetest when he says yes-dear to my little whims at times.

But be it a yes-dear or no-dear doesn’t mean one is trying to manipulate the other. In our case, we try to “balance” everything when it comes to decision making especially if it concerns the welfare of our family especially the kids.

My take for Couples Corner this week.

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