Does it pay to be honest? Of course. Syempre walang gulo, maayos ang takbo ng relastionship niyo.

I’m honest, meaning I speak my mind when it concerns family matters;  when I don’t like the attitude of certain people (I tell him even those things); when it concerns money matters (walang kupitan, that’s bad, bad, bad); during our intimate moments (no details please, hehe); to the most trivial – hubby’s outfit for the day. But in fairness, magandang magdala ng damit ang jowa ko. 😀

I could go on and on telling you instances in my life or my married life when I ‘exercise’ honesty. Ang hirap mag-recall eh. But for now, ito lang muna ang maishi-share ko. The enty is kind of late…if you have been intrigued by this topic, why don’t try reading the entries of more brave women here. Happy weekend everyone!

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2 thoughts on “Honesty

  1. RodLiz

    Marce- minsan kasi kapag nag start sa lie about the past, you have to stick with it, otherwise, baka maulit uli ang tanong, iba na ang maisagot, di ba? so truth is better. But, if you think makakasakit ka kapag nagsabi ka ng totoo, better keep it a secrect na lang, kung di naman concern sa inyong relasyon. Ganyan ako eh, anything that happened before my relationship with my hubby, closed book na yun.

    Mas maganda talaga ang honest, kaya oks lang sabihan akong tumataba, kasi tutuo naman, basta ako loves pa rin..carry ko ang honesty.

    1. Yami Post author

      Ur right Marce Liz, past as in long before ko pa makilala si jowa. kaya close book na talaga as in sinusian ko sa baul at itinapon sa gitna ng pacific ocean. 😀


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