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Things to Remember in Conducting Yard Sales


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It does not matter what type of season it is as long as there are people who are willing to go out, there will always be yard sales. We would have to admit however that having yard sales in the summer is always the best. There are always things that we should remember when conducting yard sales. Here are some tips that you should remember:

  1. Yard Sale items that you will put out may mean nothing to you but may mean a lot to the next person who will find it.
  2. cheap yard signs are necessary so that people will not get confused with the items that you are selling.
  3. Be prepared that people will haggle.
  4. You should always try to make your items look presentable and easy to look at. You will sell more items this way.
  5. Being friendly will go a long way.

With these tips, your yard sale will be successful for sure.

Bead Jewelry

My friend used to design earrings, bracelets and necklaces using chamilia beads as a hobby and later on for profit. She also gave them away as presents for friends, teachers of her kids, and relatives here and abroad. She also sells them abroad through her siblings based there. She creatively designs each piece to make a beautiful set of bead jewelry.


We haven’t seen each other for a long time, but we managed to catch up on each other’s lives through phone conversations. She is a friend and I can tell here anything until now.

Christmas package


Chocolate berries in stylish gift boxes

Hubby and I used to receive big baskets of groceries including corporate chocolate gift from my previous company (PJI). Aside from that, we also get gift certificates (GCs) from different advertisers. Instead of cash, advertisers pay PJI with GCs for the advertisement published in three newspapers such as People’s Journal, People’s Tonight, People’s Taliba and Women’s Journal. The management used these GCs as gift or as payment for delayed allowances of employees.

GCs and chocolate gifts are good, but the employees need cash, especially their 13th month pay.