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The Benefits of Blogging: My Personal Experience

I updated the article to include information about my son’s college graduation.

Blogging has been a therapeutic outlet for me since I quit my job in 2007. Maintaining an online diary has helped me cope with the stresses of everyday life.

Through blogging, I’ve met new friends online who are fellow moms like me. They were the ones who introduced me to the idea that I can earn from blogging in the comfort of my own home.

Photo by Kaitlyn Baker on Unsplash

I started to earn from blogging in 2010, and since then, I’ve registered with several blogging networks and have been working with them for years. While some of these companies are no longer in operation, I’m grateful for the opportunities they’ve given me.

For the past 11 years, blogging has helped me pay our bills, buy groceries, pay for my kids’ monthly tuition, purchase personal items for my family, and even cover some of my kids’ hospital bills back in 2011.

My son has since graduated from college, and I couldn’t be prouder. Blogging was a huge part of how I was able to support him through his education.

While the blogging landscape may not be as lucrative as it once was, I’m still not planning to retire from it. To young aspiring bloggers, I would recommend trying it out, growing from it, and thriving in the world of blogging.

5 Tips that allow you to choose the best clinic for IVF with egg donation


More and more couples struggling with problem of infertility decide to seek help in countries other than their own. In Vitro Fertilization abroad has become popular now more than ever. Due to increasing availability of different modes of transportation and virtually fading borders it is common to consider almost every possible place as an IVF destination. For an infertile couple other countries and their clinics might be a favourable and most suitable option leaving domestic healthcare far behindin many respects. There are few reasons for that – the prices of the procedure might be few times lower, the standards of care and the treatment might be at least as good and of success rates higherthan clinics closest to home. There might be more treatment options available in the clinic abroad or the time for waiting and having the procedure conducted may be shorter than in other facilities. There are complex issues behind the choice and so is the process of decision making. Here are few tips on how to choose the best place and how www.eggdonationfriends.com can effectively facilitate the choice.

  1. Keep an open mind

Often choosing the closest clinic seems like a good choice due to having insufficient information and not knowing where to look for it. Unfortunately the proximity might be the only benefit of that clinic and choosing it might be simply settling for less. Often the fear is caused by lack of knowledge on the topic of IVF abroad and possible options. Online services such as www.eggdonationfriends.com contain tools and sufficient data presented in accessible form that allowin easy way browsing and selecting information.Don’t be afraid to reach for more.

  1. Compare countries as well as clinics

It is important to take into account various factors and characteristics of the country and the clinic. There are differences law aspects in terms of availability of IVF or restrictions about procedures between countries as well as in the quality and quantitative features between facilities.For example the service www.eggdonationfriends.comprovides facts and figures about popular egg donation destinations such as Ukraine & Georgia, Czech Republic & Slovakia, Cyprus, Spain & Portugal, Greece, India, Russia, Poland, Latvia, Estonia as well as South Africa. It allows not to narrow down the perspective while looking for adequate place and helps to compare clinics within one country or region or throughout diverse localizations.

  1. Consider different criteria

Patients looking for best clinic for IVF with egg donation need to know all about different aspects of services provided by assorted clinics. It is impossible to choose the facility corresponding with patient’s needs for example not knowing whether it offers egg donation, what are the costs of it, what are the conditions of IVF and whether or not there is a waiting list.  Thanks to services such aswww.eggdonationfriends.comit is possible to include all the comparative data on clinics, prices, success rates, guarantees offered, preview of different medical procedures and the duration of treatment in the decision-making process. It is possible to search through all the information and decide on the best clinics with all the objective and subjective criteria taken into consideration.

  1. Compare the prices of full treatment

Price is one of the most determinative factor of choosing a place for IVF procedure. There is no doubt that In Vitro Fertilization is an expensive treatment, especially with the use of donor egg and not many patients is affluent enough not to care about the costs at all. However there might be a variation in the way of presenting prices and a tendency of hiding total costs. In order to make an informed decision on the destination is to compare total costs of the whole procedure including preparatory phase, actual treatment, medications and other services. The preview of all of that is available on www.eggdonationfriends.com.

  1. Use a trustworthy source of information

All of the previous tips are realisable only when based on reliable source of information. In order to get to know all the possibilities and make a conscious decision the data you use have to be certain and not based on advertisements and distortions. Such dependable source iswww.eggdonationfriends.com which in one place contains all the necessary info and helps patients all over the world. By actions like “Best Egg Donation Country” or reports and tests searching through clinics was never that easy.