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New sideline

Hubby has accepted a new sideline. This is the same project that I’m telling you about in my previous posts. Hubby and I will be working partners so any technical problem that will arise will be handled by him. The project will start two weeks from now. Our lady friend who commissioned us for the job is calling us regularly to give each other updates on how far have we studied the demo program. This is going to be a big project so any possible mistake on our part will make or break our prospect to work with Microsoft for a long time. If we deliver a good job then we are in. The new job will be a big help for our family in terms of income (although I have no idea how much will be our budget for this).

Will I be able to do my online activities once the job started? I hope my absence from the blogging world will only be temporary. I’m sure my research about cigars will have to take a back seat until I’ve adjusted to my working schedule.