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The year that was

A lot of good and not-so worthwhile things happened to my family this year.

In February, my kids were hospitalized for dengue fever. The only fund we have during that time was the 13th month pay that my husband received from his company. We were saving up that money to pay for the tuition fee when the problem happened.

But God is so good He never let anything bad to happen to my kids. While we were at the hospital, blessings came pouring in. Friends gave us some financial help to which I’m thankful for. I got a lot of assignments from a paid post company and direct earnings from an advertiser who paid a hefty sum for the ad links on my blogs. I’m most thankful for my dearest friend for the DA referral for without it we may not be able to pay some obligations and secure a part for the tuition.

Because of what happened to my kids, I realized that I need to get a health card for my family. Instead of paying cash, I can use the health card to pay for medical expenses. Now I’m thinking of securing a health card or avail cheap term life insurance next year. Like what elders always say, it pays to be ready all the time.

Save for a rainy day

I took a little break from what I’m doing to look for inexpensive health insurance at cheapinsurance123.com. In times like this I can never be sure of what will happen tomorrow. I know how it is like when someone is in the hospital. My son was hospitalized in 2004 due to Kawasaki Syndrome. We don’t even have a medical insurance to cover the medical expenses. Our savings was used up to pay for the hospital bill. After my son was discharged from the hospital we still need to send him for follow up check-up and to purchase maintenance medicine to avoid complications. A health insurance could have spared us from incurring more debts. The health insurance that I’m looking for is just to keep us prepared for the rainy day.

Health insurance

With health authorities sounding the alarm over the health effects of El Nino phenomenon (a climate pattern associated with droughts, floods, and other weather disturbances), you can’t help but worry about your loved one’s health. In cases like this, the first thing that enters your mind is how to prepare for health problem to happen. What if someone gets sick and you are not prepared financially? Hubby and I are thinking of the same thing that’s why we often look for insurance quotes that offer affordable health insurance package for the family. Admit it but when you avail a policy be it health or life insurance, it makes you feel secure knowing you have something to rely on.