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More on decluttering

It isn’t easy to let go of the things that you bought or gifted to you for sentimental reasons. But if you really wanted a clutter free environment at home, you have to start somewhere. Why not begin from your closet which is stuffed with clothes that you no longer need. Sort out the clothes according to their purpose. If you have a newly purchased Joe Rocket Phoenix 5 Jacket, of course, you can keep it and take it out on winter. Arrange your favorite clothes or the ones you frequently use. Dump the ones that you will no longer wear or serve their purpose, including the ones that are beyond repair. Lastly, donate the clothes to some organizations, someone will be happy to receive them.

Spring cleaning

I did some spring cleaning at home, and it was quite liberating to accomplish so much in just two days. I completed 90% of my pre-Holy Week to-do list!

My older kids finally let go of their childhood items, including magazines and stuffed toys. While disposing of these huggable toys, I felt a bit sentimental, so I set aside some of them and kept them hidden until I have a cabinet to display them in permanently.


Do you remember these toys? My kids finally bid them goodbye. I decided to give a sack full of toys to the grandchildren of the old lady who did our laundry for over eight years.

In addition to toys, I also gave away some old clothes, bags, and shoes to Manang. The remaining items are scheduled to be sent to their new owners in General Santos City, mostly my husband’s young nieces and nephews.

I also got rid of stacks of papers, pamphlets, and magazines that had accumulated over the years while I was still working. I kept some documents that I think might be helpful for future blog posts.

While nursing a bad stomach, I completed the cleaning in two days. Although I still have some cabinets to clear out and laminate flooring to install this week, I’m happy to say that my home is less chaotic now.