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Is it too Early to Plan for Christmas?

It is November and now that Halloween has come and gone it is time to plan and get ready for Thanksgiving. The good thing is that Thanksgiving is a somewhat straightforward holidays. I mean, get a nice, big turkey and enough food to feed an elephant army and you are all set. Thanksgiving is not the most complicated holiday out there to plan for, you just need to make sure you execute the cooking properly. Nobody wants a dry turkey, so make sure you plan and cook well-ahead of time! So, since Thanksgiving does not take as much logistical planning as other holidays is it a horrible thought to start planning for Christmas now?

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Some people may think this is an aggressive idea, and starting to plan for Christmas almost two-months before it is here seems unnecessary. At the same time, early November is usually much more calm and easy to manage than the beginning of December. Last year, then, I decided to start shopping and planning for Christmas two months ahead and, let me tell you, it was like a miracle from above. Last year was the most stress-free and enjoyable Christmas I have had in years. I was able to get the vast majority of my shopping done before I even went out to buy all the goodies for Thanksgiving! When December hit, I was able to enjoy decorating the house, hosting caroling parties, and letting the Christmas spirit soak in because all the shopping was already done for. I highly recommend giving it a try this year! Look around online for deals and discounts, like these Groupon Coupons for Eastbay, and start getting your families presents early!

Slow and steady wins the race, they say, so why not dominate the Christmas sprint with a nice, slow marathon? It worked last year and I’m excited to do it all over again this year. The key is to use the slow-moving days of November to your advantage, and skip out on all the crazy rushing of December. You will have more quality time to spend with your family and friends when the warm, holiday spirits kick in.

Our favorite part of the holiday season


The kids love the decorating part of the holiday season. While they anticipate opening their presents on Christmas day, they also look forward to decorating every year. They are excited about hanging some Christmas ornaments and a few Christmas lights in the living room. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in a long time so this year we are planning to buy a small one. We may also put up some Christmas wreath and stockings which the kids plan to make from scratch. The kids are also thrilled to decorate their rooms this weekend. I wonder how an exciting g&l comanche would look inside my boy’s room.

How about you what is your favorite part about the holidays?

A DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

Adults always have different reasons why they would like kids to become involved in different projects. There are instances when crafts and DIY projects are approved and recommended so that adults can also bond with their kids. It is important though that in choosing a DIY project, you will choose something that a child will appreciate and enjoy.

Christmas ball

DIY Christmas Ball

A Christmas ball is something that a lot of kids enjoy doing frankly because of the different designs that they can put on it. While a lot of kids enjoy playing with glitters, there are also some who would rather stick their own drawings on their very own Christmas ball that can be put on the tree. Here are the items that you will need:

  • Styrofoam Balls
  • Glue
  • Bowl with water
  • Glitters
  • Scissors
  • Other decorative materials
  • String

The first thing that you have to do is to mix the glue with water. This will make it easy for kids to use the paintbrush to layer their Styrofoam balls with glue before they place their designs. If you are going to use glitters to decorate, rub the Styrofoam ball with glue on the glitters. This will make the glitters stick to the Styrofoam ball easily. Wait for the Styrofoam ball to dry. Once it has dried up, you can then pierce through the top of the ball and insert the string to create a loophole. Once done, kids will love the Styrofoam balls that they have made to put on the Christmas tree.

Image credit: Feelart – FreeDigitalPhotos.net