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Preparing your Home for the Holidays

xmas ball

When Christmas season comes we not only think of getting presents for our loved ones but we also think of creative and colorful ways to make our homes radiate the feeling and ambiance of Christmas. We put up our Christmas tree as early as our hectic schedules allow for starters and fill it with lovely and bright Christmas trimmings. Apart from adding Christmas lights, we also put a number of presents wrapped, not only with colorful wrappers, but also with love and the warmest of thoughts, and under our tree.

And if that is not enough, we also put other Christmas decorations and ornaments like wreaths, lanterns, angels and Santa Claus display in different parts of our home. We also burn scented candles so the house would even smell like Christmas (which is also a very effective way of getting rid of unnecessary kitchen odor in the air). If we can afford it, am sure we will all get snow machines as well.

Image credit: Photokanok – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Our favorite part of the holiday season


The kids love the decorating part of the holiday season. While they anticipate opening their presents on Christmas day, they also look forward to decorating every year. They are excited about hanging some Christmas ornaments and a few Christmas lights in the living room. We haven’t had a Christmas tree in a long time so this year we are planning to buy a small one. We may also put up some Christmas wreath and stockings which the kids plan to make from scratch. The kids are also thrilled to decorate their rooms this weekend. I wonder how an exciting g&l comanche would look inside my boy’s room.

How about you what is your favorite part about the holidays?