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Christmas ornaments on a budget

christmas lights

Our home may be the simplest in the neighborhood when it comes to Christmas decorations. We have been using the same decorations for several Christmases now. We don’t buy new ones but maximize the ones that are still usable like the Christmas lights we have here. We also have our mini “Belen” atop the entertainment cabinet.


This year, I would like to request the kids to help me decorate our humble home with available scrap materials I’ve been saving. I have lots of folders from press kits and empty small jars. They can be converted to colorful ornaments. I just hope the kids would grant my request.

How about you, did you put up your Christmas decorations already?

A DIY Christmas Craft for Kids

Adults always have different reasons why they would like kids to become involved in different projects. There are instances when crafts and DIY projects are approved and recommended so that adults can also bond with their kids. It is important though that in choosing a DIY project, you will choose something that a child will appreciate and enjoy.

Christmas ball

DIY Christmas Ball

A Christmas ball is something that a lot of kids enjoy doing frankly because of the different designs that they can put on it. While a lot of kids enjoy playing with glitters, there are also some who would rather stick their own drawings on their very own Christmas ball that can be put on the tree. Here are the items that you will need:

  • Styrofoam Balls
  • Glue
  • Bowl with water
  • Glitters
  • Scissors
  • Other decorative materials
  • String

The first thing that you have to do is to mix the glue with water. This will make it easy for kids to use the paintbrush to layer their Styrofoam balls with glue before they place their designs. If you are going to use glitters to decorate, rub the Styrofoam ball with glue on the glitters. This will make the glitters stick to the Styrofoam ball easily. Wait for the Styrofoam ball to dry. Once it has dried up, you can then pierce through the top of the ball and insert the string to create a loophole. Once done, kids will love the Styrofoam balls that they have made to put on the Christmas tree.

Image credit: Feelart – FreeDigitalPhotos.net

DIY Christmas Home Decor

Thinking of making your own Christmas decor this holiday season? While there is nothing wrong with that, there are times when people end up not liking the things that they make for different reasons. However, making your own Christmas decor will give the whole family a chance to get together and bond with each other. The outcome will be better than the actual items that will be produced after the creative session. For ideas on DIY home decors that you can put on your lawn, you can always search for wide selection lawn statues that will help you get ideas on the designs that you can do. Search designs with the whole family and create your decors too, you will truly enjoy doing it with people you love.