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Make time to read books

I have friends whose love for books and e-books are admirable. Despite attending to a lot of chores both online and offline, they still have time to squeeze in reading during their leisure time. I’ve got a number of unread books myself. The last time I was able to sit down to read was when there was a widespread blackout last month. I have a motivating book about dieting. It teaches its readers how to deal with food cravings through writing. Yes, it gives one appetite suppression ideas and helps you practice your writing skills at the same time.

I’ve written a little bit about the book last year and until now I haven’t finished reading it.

Beating the Odds

When Mrs. Arroyo took the office in 2001 after President Estrada was toppled down due to corruption and abuse of power, everyone thought Mrs. Arroyo will lead the country to a better Philippines.  But now some sectors are blaming the outgoing President for a budget deficit of P199 billion allegedly due to economic mismanagement.

Mrs. Arroyo might have proved herself as a good leader, but the scandals thrown at her and some members of her family and cabinet officials undermine her credibility and doubted her capability to lead. These scandals include the NBN-ZTE deal, Jose Pidal, the Fertilizer fund scam, Jueteng controversy, Cash handouts, the World Bank loan, NorthRail Project, and the SouthRail Project – all happened in the span of nine years. She denied all the accusations though against her and her family.


Mrs. Arroyo’s leadership and how she beat the odds is presented in a book written by Renato S. Velasco and Ricado L. Saludo. The book called “Beating the Odds” discusses how she was able to go about the crisis that tainted her incumbency.

The book contains pressing issues such as budget deficit and the developments in the Mindanao Peace Process, similar issues that President-elect Noynoy Aquino will have to deal with in the next six years.

May 3

is the date that hubby and I are looking forward to because it’s the start of our new project. Whatever compensation we get from this project will be used to pay for our kids’ tuition this school year. We will have a budget to buy their books, school supplies and pair of new uniforms. I hope we’ll get the job right so there will be more offers like this to come.

I received an email from our project coordinator yesterday informing me and hubby about the schedule. She explains that the project will be in four batches and each batch should be completed in 12 to 18 days. We are also responsible for the proofreading of our job. I wish I can tell you the job would be easy. But our officemate said sentences are far easier to translate than terminologies. We will be dealing with a lot of terminologies in this one. Tomorrow she’ll send us the glossaries and the style guide.

I hope I can still find time to write opportunities for my blogs especially about life insurance. One company that offers an opp related to it requires bloggers to include the description “life insurance quotes are cheap” in the post. This is easy. I hope all paid post companies will have easier requirements like them.

Wish us good luck for the new project. It will be a busy week ahead. 🙂