Make time to read books

I have friends whose love for books and e-books are admirable. Despite attending to a lot of chores both online and offline, they still have time to squeeze in reading during their leisure time. I’ve got a number of unread books myself. The last time I was able to sit down to read was when there was a widespread blackout last month. I have a motivating book about dieting. It teaches its readers how to deal with food cravings through writing. Yes, it gives one appetite suppression ideas and helps you practice your writing skills at the same time.

I’ve written a little bit about the book last year and until now I haven’t finished reading it.

One thought on “Make time to read books

  1. hitokirihoshi Jr.

    i agree with you mommy yam. magandang past time talaga ang reading. but like you, nawawalan ako ng time to read. hehehe

    basta currently I’m into small books (self-help) written by filipino authors.



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