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Walking the dog

I’ve found a better way to exercise. They say walking is a good form of exercise. Then walking is what I do at least twice a day. I’m walking with a buddy, the best companion yet. He is our dog Oreo. I started walking with Oreo since he learned to do his regular ritual outside our gate. I’m the (only) one who takes him out when his Dad (my hubby :D) is not around. Oreo walks as far as he goes to look for his perfect spot. I really don’t know if walking with Oreo will help me shed a pound or two, but one thing is sure, I have the perfect excuse to stand from my computer chair and stretch even for half an hour. I don’t say it’s better than doing stationary exercises using yoga zafu, but at least, walking the dog is just the beginning of having a serious routine exercise.

The real fat burner

My last post discusses the benefit of physical exercise particularly walking for those engaged in sedentary occupations.

This time it’s still about walking and the activities that require walking. Take note that walking is not just for adults. It is also important for children and adolescents. For daddies who are inclined to use fat burners for men, this one’s for you to read, too.

  1. Try to take a walk once a day for about half an hour in your room or around your house, garden or other areas such as school grounds, spaces near the church or the plaza.
  2. Walk to work, market or place of worship rather than use transport.
  3. Start by walking slowly for a few minutes and increase your speed as you go along. Take breathing exercises. They will make you physically and mentally alert.
  4. Take the stairs rather than the elevator.
  5. See what sports facilities your community offers and use them.
Source: Things to do to stay healthy. World Health Organization.