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Maddening habits

I had the most annoying habit of checking on my husband’s cell phone.  It was the habit that caused a quarrel years back and the same habit that got me  mad as a hornet two years ago.

Here’s the story. In the early years of our marriage, I would screen every single text message sent and received by his cell phone. If I come across a nameless sender or a name that is not familiar to me or someone who does not belong to our circle, I would confront him right away and ask him irrelevant to senseless questions about the ‘sender’. I won’t stop until he satisfies my curiosity. In one of our arguments, I got him really mad that he threw his cell phone so hard hitting our bedroom wall and shatter it to pieces.  Do you think the incident has stopped me or changed my nosiness? Not a bit. I still check from time to time, but I never ask any question to avoid suspicion that I’m at it again.

My nosiness fires back at me. I was into my regular ‘checking mode’ when I discover this message from her girl friend. The text goes something like “Hi baby…she was sorry for something chuva”. I was mad that I thought there was something going on between them. He made me realized that the ‘baby’ was just a term of endearment not just to my husband but to her other friends as well.

What did I learn from the experience? Not to get caught when snooping around and if something bothers you (from checking) and you are itching to ask him right away, ask him in a nice and low-toned manner (believe me it works). But sometimes the old wives tale-cum adage  ‘what you don’t know won’t hurt you’ holds true for wives who distrust their husband.

Despite my still unfounded assumption of womanizing chuvalu, I guess  I will have to live with this green-eyed monster ready to attack anytime, for a long time. I just have to teach it to be tamer when provoked to avoid an imminent World War III from erupting.

A maddening habit, isn’t it? How about you, is there anything that you wish to share? How about an incident that made you really angry with your spouse? Care to share at Couple’s Corner?

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