Promotional Bags and BPA Free Bottles

Custom Earth Promos is proud of their eco-friendly line of promotional products. They are absolutely dedicated to smart and environmentally safe business practices. The manufacturing process is ecologically friendly and they do not compromise when it comes to using sustainable and recycled materials.

Their distinctive promotional bags are made from several different materials including recycled plastic, bamboo, organic cotton and others. Their trade show bags are shipped factory direct and that translates into huge savings for your business. The wide ranging numbers of available colors are sure to delight your company and match any logo you have.

The Bags also come in many different sizes and types. One of the most popular is the recycled business tote. It is a messenger bag that has an easily adjusted strap, front pockets and elastic side pockets to carry whatever you need. It even has a secure place to hold your pen in an easy to reach location.

Giving away bags at conventions and trade shows is extremely popular. The type of bag and the thought your company has put into it reflects directly upon your brand and your environmental awareness. Custom Earth Promo’s bags are of the highest quality, designed to last for years to come. They are large enough to accommodate your potential clients’ every day needs and will not end up as trade show waste like flimsy plastic bags that other businesses give away.

Another great product that can be given away at company events and conferences are the BPA free bottles you will find at They have their own line of reusable plastic bottles in different sizes, shapes and colors. They are made from recycled FDA approved Polyethylene. You are not limited in your ability to customize these bottles so your brand will stand out. Use your detailed, full color logo to impress clients.

You can combine the bags and bottles for a fantastic promotional give away at your booth. Put your company literature, a recycled bottle and other items in the eco-friendly bag and make sure to include information about the items and how your company is devoted to clean and low waste processes. It is a sure fire way to get new customers and help your brand grow.

Custom Earth Promos’ uses a factory direct, wholesale method to keep your costs down. Give the best promotional products at the lowest prices and feel great about what you are doing for the environment.

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