Counting the days

Kids are counting the days before Christmas not because of the gifts they are expecting to receive from their Ninangs and Ninongs, but they are looking forward to a longer Christmas break ahead.

Me, I’m counting the days to lose more pounds before Christmas. I’m afraid to pack on the pounds again this Yuletide season. To gain weight again makes me anxious. (I can feel my heart beating fast like someone has set up a Smokey Amp Amplifiers inside.) The only way to counter my fear is an intense workout after every food trip (gathering).

I’m also planning to buy a two-inches smaller pair of jeans next month. Isn’t that a good self-motivation? 🙂

One thought on “Counting the days

  1. hitokirihoshi

    yes ate good motivation yan.

    pumayat ako last year because of my dental braces. then ngayon na feeling ko tumataba ako, my motivation ay kailangan masuot ko pa rin yung pantalon na nasuot ko na after kong pumayat.


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