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There are things that we don’t usually agree upon, but I’m glad hubby and I have similar “likes” and “dislikes”.  I will start with our dislikes:

  • We don’t like crowded room/area, thus we’re not fond of attending big gatherings unless demanded by our respective jobs.
  • We don’t like loud people. But hubby managed to live with a nagging wife, just kidding.
  • We don’t like smokers and rowdy neighbors (both present in the billiard shop operated by our neighbor).
  • We are allergic to unexpected expenses…
  • He likes to read (Internet, newspaper) while I have yet to find time to finish the book that I started reading last summer.
  • He was kind of nagging me before because I spend more time in front of the computer, but when we started shopping online using the money I earned from blogging, he is thinking of helping me write my pending assignments. Am I seeing a future blogger in my husband? Not bad.


  • We both like to dine out especially when I was still working; we love spicy food.
  • We enjoy watching movies then, now we find comfort in watching DVDs at home.
  • We used to like shopping for clothes when we have extra cash. It’s difficult to kick the old habit, but we manage to satisfy our cravings for clothes at Ukay-Ukay or bargain shops.
  • We both like a small family. We are like supporting a two-child policy (if there will be).
  • We enjoy holding hands before we go to sleep. We enjoy it as much when we are riding a bus while taking a cat nap on our way to work.
  • He is goal-oriented while I’m a little laid-back. But we share the same dream of having a comfortable life. By that we mean living a debt-free life and have something in our pocket in times of need.
  • We are both looking forward to spending the next 14 or more years of our lives together as husband and wife. It’s our wedding anniversary tomorrow!
  • I think we have enough compatibility to stay this long. How about you what are your likes and dislikes? You may share your story with us at Couples Corner hosted by Marce Liz, the gorgeous mom from Alabama.

9 thoughts on “Our likes and dislikes

  1. rossel

    lahat yata e allergic sa unexpected expenses…ehehe. halos magkasundo yata kayo sa lahat ng bagay. that’s good.

    happy anniversary, sis! wishing you all the best in life. may our good Lord bless you always.

    1. Yami Post author

      @Rossel, hay naku true sis. even yung mga regular monthly billings haist I will never get used to them yata. hehe

      Sis, thank you for the anniversary wish. God bless you more. 🙂

  2. Liz

    Happy Wedding anniversary sa inyong dalawa. Pano ba yan eh 6 kids kami ni Rodney, eh di ayaw nyo sa amin, wahhhh! YOu still hold hands while you go to sleep? kami kasi ni Rodney talikuran na kapag pareho na kamning antok, hehehe! Ang sweet mo Marce ha.

    1. Yami Post author

      @Marce Liz, pag anak ng iba oks lang lalo kung kasing cute ng mga bagets mo pero kung ako ang magbubuntis, health wise hindi na siya safe for my age at syempre mahal na ang gatas at pampers. huhuu.

      yes, we still hold hands kapag hindi pa kami inaantok, pero once we feel andiyan na ang antok tumatalikod na rin ako sa kanya. 😀

    1. Yami Post author

      Marce Niko, sowi ngayon lang ako reply hanggang leeg task ko hihi. Thank you very much for the greetings and visit. ay naku lumuha ako nung anniversary namin …feel ko I’m experiencing a mid-life crisis already, ewan ko ba… 🙂

  3. kha

    ei Happy Anniversary sakto at ngayon pa lang ako nakapag blog hop..:) super laugh naman ako sa unexpected expenses..well everybody does ..nakakatuwa lang kasi dito ko nabasa at naisama mo un sa post 🙂

    1. Yami Post author

      Hi Kha. Thanks for the greetings…uu tame pa nga yung unexpected expenses na ang malalim na kahulugan ay expenses na galing sa mga kamag-anak…hihihi

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