Our favorite places to eat

We dine out on special occasions or just when our budget permits it. When kids crave for chicken, the choice will be Jollibee unless they want chicken barbecue, we stop by at Mang Inasal. However, Shakey’s is the top choice when we are at the mall usually SM Fairview. Our usual order would be Manager’s Choice thick, bunch o lunch and a pitcher of ice tea. If they want burger, they request for Burger King (at SM Fairview). They love BK’s Jr. Whopper and onion rings. When somebody crave for beef mami and siomai, and Young Chow  and Lumpiang Shanghai, there’s no place to go except Chowking.

When I was still working, hubby and I would have lunch at Bacolod Chicken House in Aduana, Manila. Pa-a and Lapaz Bachoy complete the scrumptious meal. Miss na namin!

These are our favorites places to eat. But as I’ve said we only visit any of these dining places when we have extra budget and on special occasion or just when someone (parating kids ang last say) wants his or her craving satisfied.


This is my uber late post  for Marce Liz’s Couple’s Corner. 😀

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