From paperback to e-book

My daughter is enjoying reading downloaded e-book these days. She said it’s easier to read e-book in our PC than read paperback. My husband’s niece got me an e-book copy of The Five People You Meet in Heaven two years ago, but I wasn’t able to finish the story. How I wish I have saved a copy for my daughter to read. It was deleted when my husband reformatted our computer. 🙁


Anyway, now that my daughter is into reading mode again, I wish to buy her an e-book reader, a gadget where she can conveniently read e-book just like a book. How about an iPad? Yes, the latest craze in town! But isn’t it too expensive for her? Honestly, I really want to buy her an Ipad if only I have enough budget.  We are saving up for their tuition next month so an extra cash is badly needed.

Many are going gaga over the amazing features of iPad like the free iBooks applications which users can download at App store. I think there are five e-book reader applications available for iPad. You can browse tens of thousands of books most of them are free. You can also shop for books anytime of the day.


With the recent launching of iPad, manufacturers have already made cute iPad cases and well-designed iPad vest. If you own an iPad and you want to dress it up, you can check out for apple accessories in apple stores.

5 thoughts on “From paperback to e-book

  1. Mys

    With regards to ebooks, there is a cheaper way to read ebooks besides the ipad. You can actually read ebooks thru your cellphone. Java powered cellphones can use readmaniac a free application, just convert the ebooks into plain text format and send it to your phone.

  2. Yami

    @Mys, marce hindi ba mahal mag-upload ng ganyang program sa cellphone. I’ll ask hubby kung pwede yung cellphone niya. Thanks for the suggestion, marce. 🙂

    @Ate Josie, sure. hintay ko nga ang message na yan. I left you a message sa comment site mo a while ago. 🙂

  3. Mylene

    Dear meron akong e-book copy ng The Five People You Meet in Heaven. If you want I’ll email it to you 🙂

    Tama si Mys, pede rin sa mga cp mag read ng e-books basta java enabled lang ung cp 😉


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