Fried Lumpia with Relyenong Bangus filling


I completely forgot to take a picture of the fried Relyenong Bangus that I prepare the other day. Now I have the excess filling here and decided to use it as filling for Lumpiang Shanghai.

By the way I use Bangus meat, ground pork, red bell pepper, carrots, green peas, raisins as filling for Relyenong Bangus.

Hubby took this shot while I’m busy preparing the Lumpia roll.

My entry for Food Trip Friday.

4 thoughts on “Fried Lumpia with Relyenong Bangus filling

    1. Yami Post author

      @Willa, thanks! matrabaho talaga pag-separate ng laman ng bangus sa skin nito. Good thing merong nagseseparate ng libre sa market. 🙂


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