A blogger’s tip when covering mommy events

You might want to bear these *tips in mind when covering mommy events:

  1. Make sure to take photos of all the speakers and presenters in the event
  2. Capturing 2 or 3 slides from audio-visual presentation will also prove beneficial
  3. Take a photo of the attendees would also seem like a practical thing to do. Of course, it will be hard to round up all the participants in a single photo, so you can also do this in small groups
  4. You can also take videos of presentations, especially if it involves cooking or other product demonstration.
  5. Capturing candid mommy/child moment of the participants will also be a good idea.

8 thoughts on “A blogger’s tip when covering mommy events

  1. anne

    This is a nice tip, but there are times especially when the topic is already interesting, I will forget that I need to do some captures. GRRR at me, just visiting you here.


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