Will you still love me tomorrow despite…

my grey hair and unwanted fats? “Oo naman,” hubby would reply in jest. He would even sing “Kahit Maputi na ang Buhok Ko” to me whenever he hears the song being played on the radio. Although we were joking about the whole “puting buhok” and “bilbil (love handle)” thing, I appreciate it knowing that my man will stick with me even when we are old and wrinkly. I wish I can make this post lengthy and cheesier, but I don’t have much to share except that I’m confident of the affection hubby is showing me. If ever he would ask me the same question, I would tell him, “I will love you just the same…”

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8 thoughts on “Will you still love me tomorrow despite…

  1. RodLiz

    Marce, di naman need na mahaba ang post. It can be short, but direct to the point di ba? Madaldal lang talaga ako, hehehe. Parang ang sasaya ng married life nating mga taga Couple’s Corner. Actually, we are all blessed to have married such wonderful men. di ba?

    Thanks for joining.

  2. Yami Post author

    Yes, marce we are blessed na magkaron ng hubby na meron tayo, responsible and loving.

    You’re welcome Marce basta may time to write and post sasali ako. 🙂

  3. AC

    ay napaka sweet naman.. it’s still cheesy though.. kakilig kilig parin ang kantahan ka ng “Kahit maputi na ang buhok ko” dba? hehe..

  4. Seiko

    We are much lucky & blessed to have the kind of man we all have who will love us & will stand by us no matter what at kahit ano pa dumating in the future & same din tayo sa kanila. 😀


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