What Does a Doula Do?

Expectant mothers have dozens of choices to make throughout their pregnancy and birthing process. The job of a doula Tampa is to use their expertise and experience to guide you through many of those choices in advance, and help you when it comes time to have your baby. Here are some of the benefits doulas can provide.

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One-on-One Service

Many mothers-to-be hire midwives to assist with their birthing plans. They provide great care, but a midwife typically handles many women at once. With a doula Tampa, you will be working one-on one with a dedicated person throughout your pregnancy.

Birth Preparation

Doulas also work with moms-to-be on their birth plans. This can start at the very beginning, and gradually develop as the months go on. They will work with you to advise and decide on a variety of topics, such as whether you plan on having an epidural to ease pain during delivery and your feelings on caesarian section surgery if necessary. If you have a special preference such as an at-home delivery, they can use their experience to talk you through its pros and cons and lay out how it will work if you decide to go that route.


Perhaps the most important job of a doula Tampa is to be your advocate in the delivery room. With every delivery, complications and choices, both big and small can occur. Through their months with you, your doula will know your preferences and wishes well enough to speak on your behalf and communicate with doctors and delivery staff. In the heat of the moment, you have enough to worry about without having to articulate your wishes while in labor. The doula can do this for you.

The expertise and experience of a doula can allow you to focus on the joy of bringing a baby into the world without getting caught up in the medical process more than necessary.

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